More positions on Brexit than Kama Sutra Former MP in hilarious Keir Starmer slapdown

Keir Starmer slammed over Brexit U-turn by GB News panelist

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In a rib-tickling rebuke of Sir Keir Starmer, The Reclaim party’s deputy leader Martin Daubney has savaged the Labour leader’s repeated U-turns on Brexit. The Labour leader presented Monday Labour’s five-point plan to “make Brexit work” in which he ruled out rejoining the European Union’s Single Market – a position that has split the party and attracted criticism from members like London Mayor Sadiq Khan. Mr Starmer described the 2016 Brexit referendum as “catastrophic” and quit as junior shadow minister under Jeremy Corbyn over the referendum result.

His sudden change of attitude towards Brexit has Mr Daubney make that cracking comment on GB News: “People don’t believe him. And that’s for good reason. 48 times Starmer voted against Brexit.

“At every turn, he has led the people’s vote campaign to overturn the referendum. More position on Brexit than the Kama Sutra.

“And now, shaking all about. He’s a guy we simply cannot trust. Suddenly, he’s saying: trust me on Brexit to try to win over the Red Wall voters. Now, I don’t trust as far as he can throw. The voters don’t. And his own party don’t.

“Sadiq Khan straight away, the Mayor of London, on manoeuvres said, ‘hang on a minute, Londoners didn’t vote for Brexit.’

“Actually, 40 percent of Londoners did. 1.5 million people voted to leave in the capital versus 1.3 million for Khan’s mayor. So, Brexit is more popular than Khan.”

“This is a u-turn that Jeremy Khan will be proud of. I don’t think the voters are going to buy it. I really don’t,” Mr Daubney noted.

“I mean, you could say thank the Lord six years on Keir Starmer has finally accepted the result of the Brexit referendum. That would be to be positive.

“You could however deduce that he’s doing this purely for cynical reasons, because anyone who’s campaigned the national elections as I have twice, knocked on doors all over those midlands, Westlands of the North would tell you: Keir Starmer’s got a massive Brexit problem.”

Keir Starmer’s speech has signalled a shift in the Labour Party’s stance on the Brexit issue as he has shown time and time again his support for remaining in the European Union.

In June 2016, the then Shadow Immigration Minister resigned over the “catastrophic” referendum result in a missive to then Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

In a surprise comment in September 2018, he said at the Labour conference: “Nobody is ruling out remain as an option.”

Speaking on BBC Today’s programme in February 2019, he also made clear that remain would be an option in a second referendum.

He made that same case following the 2019 European Parliament elections when he said: “In the aftermath of the local elections and particularly the EU elections, there are many in the Labour party who feel we need to be very clear about a second referendum and about making the case for remain.”

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However, he started changing his mind in January 2021 after Lord Forst, then Brexit negotiator struck a hard Brexit deal with Brussels.

He then said: “I don’t think that there’s scope for major renegotiation… We’ve arrived at a treaty and we’ve got to make that treaty work.”

He completed his U-turn in a speech to the Centre for European Reform on Monday when he insisted the Labour Party ruled out rejoining the EU or the Single Market in a bid to “claim the centre-ground of British politics again.”

He also argued rejoining the EU would “simply be a recipe for more division” and would ensure Britain “remained stuck for another decade.”

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