Lost a lot of credibility! BBC licence branded drain on taxpayer amid funding freeze

Licence fee: BBC branded 'drain on taxpayer' amid axing plans

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The Conservative MP argued that the BBC has “lost a lot of credibility” in recent years as Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries opts to freeze the broadcaster’s funding for two years. Prior to the announcement in Parliament, Mr Rosindell said Ms Dorries is absolutely right to pursue a “national debate” on the use of the TV licence fee model.

Mr Rosindell told GB News: “I think it’s outdated.

“I don’t think it can survive, it’s there till 2027 after that, it has to be reviewed again.

“I think Nadine Dorries is absolutely right, to look at having a national debate on this about how we fund the BBC in future.

“GB News doesn’t get taxpayer funding it has to survive on its own merits and whilst I believe there is a role for a national broadcaster, unfortunately, the BBC has lost a lot of credibility in recent years.”

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He continued: “They have been out of touch with I think, the mainstream of what the British people think and I think that’s added to it.

“So many people I speak to, in my constituency, say well, we never watch the BBC, and we object to paying the licence fee.

“So I do think the time has come for reform, and to get the BBC to operate like most broadcasters have to operate but there is a negotiation and Nadine Dorries will talk to the BBC, there will be a national debate on this.

“I hope that at the end of it will get a better BBC a more commercially viable situation and without a drain on the taxpayer which the current licence fee is.”

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It comes as Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries announced the Government has chosen to freeze the BBC’s funding for the next two years.

Ms Dorries told Parliament on Monday: “The global cost of living is rising and this Government is committed to supporting families as much as possible during these difficult times.

“Given that climate, we had to think very carefully about imposing a potential increase on the TV licence, particularly given that any increase would expose families to the potential threat of bailiffs knocking on their door or criminal prosecution.

“When it comes to monthly bills, this is one of the few direct levers that we have in our control as a government.”


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Ms Dorries added: “We simply could not justify putting extra pressure on the wallets of hard-working households.

“Every organisation around the world is facing the challenge of inflation.

“I simply do not believe that those responsible for setting household bills should instinctively reach into the pockets of families across the country for just a little more every year to cover their costs.

“So today I am announcing that the licence fee will be frozen for the next two years and that it will rise in line with inflation for the following four years.”

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