Keir Starmers endless flip-flops exposed in dossier

Keir Starmer has flip-flopped almost three dozen times on policies since he became Labour leader three years ago, a dossier suggests. The Lifetime Allowance Cap and the use of the private sector within the NHS are among the issues on which he has U-turned.

Conservative Party Chairman Greg Hands said: “Sir Slippery will say anything if the politics suit him.

“From the economy to stopping the boats, his lack of principles and regular promise-breaking shows the British people just cannot trust his word. We’ve had three years of inconsistency and opportunism from Labour – flip-flopping back and to on the most important issues we face.

“Only the Conservatives are getting on with the job and delivering for Britain – this by halving inflation, growing the economy, reducing debt, cutting waiting lists and stopping the boats.”

The 21-page document, compiled by the Conservative Party, said Labour last month voted against abolishing the lifetime allowance which will see more experienced doctors stay in the NHS for longer.

But in September, Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting said: “I’m not pretending that doing away with the cap is a particularly progressive move. But it is one that sees patients seen faster, and will inevitably save lives.”

He added: “I’m just being hard-headed and pragmatic about this.” Starmer supported abolishing tuition fees but then said in a New Year speech Q&A that the party has “a number of propositions in relation to those fees” that will be put forward “as we go into the election”.

In 2019, Starmer said he thought Jeremy Corbyn would “make a great Prime Minister.”

In February, Starmer insisted Corbyn would not stand at the next election as a Labour candidate.

A Labour spokesman hit back: “There’s more c*** coming from Tory HQ than what they’ve allowed to be pumped into Britain’s rivers.”

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