Keir Starmer panic as Labour LOSES gains on Boris Johnson in poll

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In the pollster’s latest voting intention data across the country, Sir Keir has lost his lead over Mr Johnson, the poll stated. Fieldwork conducted between December 2-3, showed Labour’s position has fallen two percent from November 26-27. The Prime Minister has also risen by one percent to 38 in the same period to be level with the Labour leader.

The Liberal Democrats remain in third with six percent, the SNP at five level with the Greens while the Brexit Party is registering just three percent.

At his best, Sir Keir had pushed the Labour Party to a five percent ahead of the Tories on November 4-5 (40 to 35).

The Labour leader has suffered a turbulent period as leader of the Opposition following the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn, and the split emerging within the party over any Brexit deal.

Mr Corbyn was suspended from the party following his reaction to a report from the Equality and Human Rights Commission into Anti-Semitism within the party.

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He was reinstated last month but without the party whip despite pressure from his allies within the party.

Approximately 28 MPs signed a statement calling for a reversal of the decision from Sir Keir.

Sir Keir is also facing a party crisis over whether Labour will support any Brexit deal which the Prime Minister brings to Parliament.

It is thought the Labour leader is at risk of a split within the Shadow Cabinet over whether to abstain or support any deal.

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During Prime Minister’s Questions today, the Labour leader indicated the party will vote for any deal.

He stated Labour would support any trade deal which was in the national interest in order to allow the country to progress.

He added: “I’ll say this: if there is a deal, and I hope there’s a deal, then my party will vote in the national interest – not on party political lines, as he is doing.”

Sir Keir has also indicated his concern over the implications of a no deal Brexit.

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His spokesman added today: “Keir has been clear that the national interest is to get a deal and that’s what we expect the Government to deliver.

“No-deal would be absolutely catastrophic and would be catastrophic for people’s jobs and for businesses, and as we go through the worst recession in 3-400 years, the idea that any government in good conscience could think no-deal is a good idea is for the birds – and no-deal is not in the national interest.”

Prior to his comments in the House today, former Labour leader, Lord Neil Kinnock claimed the party must abstain from any vote on a potential Brexit deal. 

In Whatsapp messages with party colleagues, he warned the Prime Minister must be made to suffer the consequences of any Brexit deal.

He added any support for the deal could be lethal for the party going forward.

According to The Guardian, he said: “If Labour supports the ‘deal’, all our future justified criticisms will be rebuffed by ‘but you voted for this!’ and, because it will be true, it will be lethal.

“We must abstain and explain that this is the rational course when faced with a damaging ‘yes’ and a disastrous ‘no’.

“Boris Johnson will get his ‘deal’ through the Commons anyway and he must own the outcome.”

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