Kay Burley locks horns with Trevelyan in tense resignation probe

Sky's Burley locks horns with Trevelyan in tense resignation probe

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Reports emerged on Wednesday claiming Conservatives’ chief whip Wendy Morton and her deputy, Craig Whittaker, had resigned following a vote on a Labour motion on fracking. The Government confirmed overnight both Ms Morton and Mr Whittaker remained in post but Kay Burley asked for clarification on the astonishing scenes unravelling in the Commons ahead and after the vote. The Sky News presenter asked: “Did the chief whip resign last night?”

Ms Trevelyan explained: “You’ve just answered your own question there. You’ve just reassured everyone that Wendy Morton and, indeed, Craig Whittaker, her deputy are still in post which is good news.”

The Sky News presenter insisted: “That wasn’t my question. Didn’t ask you that – did she resign last night?”

The Transport Secretary said she was not aware of any resignation from either Ms Morton or Mr Whittaker.

The response had Ms Burley push once more on the issue: “So she didn’t resign at any stage and then was convinced to be back in post?”

Ms Trevelyan replied: “So, I wasn’t there. I voted early in the lobbies and then had important security issues to deal with at the Department for Transport so I didn’t follow the machinations in detail.

“I’m afraid I was busy doing my job but, as it’s clear, they’re both in post and that’s good news.”

Ms Burley then proceeded to challenge the Conservative frontbencher on reports from Labour MP Chris Bryant claiming some Tory MPs had been pushed into the lobby to vote in line with the Government.

She said: “Is it appropriate that MPs are manhandled?”

The Transport chief said: “As I said, I wasn’t there.”

Ms Burley cut her off: “Not the point. Ms Trevelyan, it’s going to be much easier if you answer the question.”

The interruption prompted Ms Trevalyan to hit back: “If you let me answer the question, Kay, I will.”


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