Jill Biden visits Denver to talk ARPA, education, job training

First lady Jill Biden met with Colorado leaders Monday to hear from local lawmakers about needs their districts face, stories from students about how they’ve benefited from state job training programs, and how Colorado has made use of federal legislation.

Biden chose Denver to kick off a tour that will highlight a slew of federal laws championed by President Joe Biden. The four marquee laws — the American Recovery Plan Act, the bipartisan infrastructure law, the Inflation Reduction Act and the CHIPS act — total some $3 trillion in new spending, according to the White House.

Biden is touring the country to tout the “historic” legislation that she said hits needs that include manufacturing jobs, high-speed internet, airport safety and clean water.

“Joe’s administration has already announced more than a billion dollars to improve the roads and bridges and roadway safety and major projects right here in Colorado,” Jill Biden said, referring to President Joe Biden. “And he’s investing hundreds of millions of dollars in clean energy efforts here.”

But the crux of the event highlighted education and job training — a topic Biden, who is a community college professor, called “her life’s work.”

“For most people, a high school diploma alone isn’t enough to find a great career, right?” Biden asked. “But they often don’t need that four-year diploma to follow their passion.”

This story will be updated with more details about Jill Biden’s visit as it continues.

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