Jeremy Hunt fiercely shuts down Labours Reeves over budget swipe

Jeremy Hunt hits back at Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves

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Liz Truss’s new Chancellor hit out at his Labour opposite number Rachel Reeves during a heated statement to the House of Commons on Monday. Jeremy Hunt stood up in front of MPs and tore up Prime Minister Liz Truss’ economic strategy before defending his newly announced measures from attacks from the Labour Shadow Chancellor. 

Mr Hunt told MPs: “Behind the rhetoric, and I was listening very carefully, I don’t think she disagreed with a single one of the decisions that I announced to Parliament and that is important for the country and markets to know.

“And I think there is also agreement on the process of policy-making.

“I support the independence of the Bank of England, introduced by Gordon Brown, and I know she supports the independence of the OBR to set up by George Osborne.

“The whole Government supports the independence of those two important institutions.

“I’ve shown Conservatives can raise taxes, will she show Labour is willing to restrain spending?”

“I fully accept, and I don’t think that I could have been more clear that we have had to change some decisions made in the last few weeks, but what I reject wholeheartedly is her broader narrative about Conservative economic management.”

After defending the Government’s economic record since 2010, Mr Hunt added: “If she is preaching today the need for fiscal credibility, which I warmly welcome, can I just tell her this: the true test will be in two weeks’ time to see whether she supports public spending restraint.


Liz Truss leaves after Jeremy Hunt’s address

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