‘It’s ALWAYS been one rule for them’ Scathing verdict after SNP MP’s Covid breach – poll

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Ms Ferrier is facing intense pressure to resign her seat after details of her breach emerged, and a police investigation has now been launched. Party leader Nicola Sturgeon has said she believes the 60-year-old should quit, while Westminster leader Ian Blackford has withdrawn the whip.

With attention once again focused on the behaviour of politicians, readers were asked: “Is it one rule for us and one for them?”

In total, the poll attracted 2,949 votes – and an emphatic 95 percent of them (2,802) said yes.

Just 135 people (4.5 percent) said no, while a statistically insignificant 12 (0.4 percent) were undecided.

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One reader was unequivocal, while suggesting little had changed over the years, commenting: “It has always been 1 rule for them and 1 million rules for us.”

Others pointed the finger at the SNP, with several pointing to Ms Ferrier’s criticism of Dominic Cummings for his lockdown trip to Durham.

One said: “Time for the SNP to be hauled over the coals of public scrutiny.”

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Another added: “Ferrier put lives at risk and after her witch hunt against Dom Cummings (telling all he should be sacked and prosecuted) then why has she not fell upon her own sword .. or is Scotland immune from stupidity and the effects of stupidity???”

A third said: “There is a lot of difference between the SNP woman and Cummings trip.

“HE was NOT suffering from Covid at the time he made his journey and was in his OWN private transport whereas the SNP woman KNEW she was likely to be positive as she had the symptoms and went on PUBLIC transport.

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“She should NOT resign however. She should be SACKED for putting OUR lives at risk or the poor people sitting near her.”

Others had more sympathy for Mrs Sturgeon and her party, with one saying: “Another added: “One rule for them another for us, has been ever since the Cummings affair and the failure of Johnson to act.

“At least Sturgeon has removed the party whip and called on Ferrier to resign.

“Johnson defended Cummings action and in so doing lost all respect and trust as far as covid policy is concerned.”

Jenniffer Garcia said: “I don’t believe it is as simple as being one rule for them and one rule for us.

“It is down to the arrogance and selfishness of some people, especially those who hold positions of authority, who believe they don’t have to adhere to the rules others are willing to accept, for the wellbeing of us all…”

Another commented: “To be honest the politicians really don’t expect EVERY person to comply with the rules and regulations.

Just as long as enough go along with it to make it effective.

“As such they don’t care breaking the rules themselves on the rare occasion, they know almost everybody will bend it at least once. Same too with laws on drugs, etc, etc.

“This has been proven in the past with the police.

“The trouble with it is when they make such big political point scoring out of criticizing Mr Cummings and then the same person doing a similar thing only much worse.”

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