Good riddance! EU celebrates over Frost exit – French official compares Lord to PUTIN

David Frost resigns from cabinet

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Lord Frost resigned on Saturday evening following concerns over the “direction of travel” of Boris Johnson’s Government. His departure sent shockwaves around Westminster and has been welcomed in Europe.

Commenting on the exit, one EU official said “good riddance”, former UK Treasury and European Commission chief Mujtaba Rahman reports on Twitter.

Meanwhile, one senior French official claimed Lord Frost had treated Brexit as a new Cold War, with the UK behaving like the Kremlin.

They said: “He [Lord Frost] was polite. The diplomatic training showed.

“But he regarded Brexit as a new Cold War, an ideological struggle, with London playing the part of the Kremlin.

“He always looked for problems not solutions.”

Another official in Brussels could not resist taking a swipe at the decision of the British people in the 2016 EU referendum.

According to Sky News Europe Correspondent Adam Parsons, a senior EU diplomat said: “Until now, every British Brexit negotiator has resigned or was sacked.

“Is it because Brexit is bad for Britain and leaves UK negotiators with the impossible task of squaring the circle?”

Lord Frost had been known for driving a hard bargain in negotiations with the European Union.

Up until his resignation, Lord Frost was working to renegotiate parts of the controversial Northern Ireland Protocol, created to prevent a hard border.

The UK negotiating team were pressing the EU to reduce checks on goods travelling from Great Britain to Northern Ireland and to remove the oversight of the European Court of Justice.

In a speech last month, Lord Frost expressed his clear discontent with the course of post-Brexit British policy.


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He said: “We have not successfully rolled back the frontiers of the European Union from Britain with Brexit, only to import that European model after all this time.”

In his resignation letter, Lord Frost insisted “Brexit is now secure”, but also reiterated his concerns for the future.

He added: “The challenge for the Government now is to deliver on the opportunities it gives us.”

Lord Frost also voiced his opposition to the Government’s handling of coronavirus and the tightening of restrictions.

He said: “We also need to learn to live with Covid. I hope we can get back on track soon and not be tempted by the kind of coercive measures we have seen elsewhere.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson he was “very sorry” to have received his resignation.

Senior Tory MP Tobias Ellwood added the departure of Lord Frost could bring an opportunity to “press the reset button with the EU”.

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