‘Get real, Boris!’ Nicola Sturgeon uses Scottish Covid briefing to slam Brexit progress

Brexit: Sturgeon 'increasingly concerned' over no deal chances

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon admitted to being increasingly concerned about the possibility of a no deal Brexit during her coronavirus briefing. BBC Scotland’s Glen Campbell attempted to ask about the impact of a no deal Brexit on the NHS but was cut off due to technical issues. Ms Sturgeon remained determined to speak on the Brexit progress being made by the UK Government and insisted that the Government and Boris Johnson needed to “get real” about the possibilities available with the end of the transition period near. 

Ms Sturgeon said: “I am increasingly concerned as I suspect many people are right now about the prospect of the transition period ending at the end of the year with no trade deal agreed between the UK and EU.

“Any trade deal that is likely to be agreed at this stage is going to be quite a bare-bones minimalist agreement so we are anticipating some disruption and inconvenience anyway.

“That will clearly be much, much worse if there is no agreement at all.

“I very much hope that we will see breakthroughs on these talks literally over the course of today in order to be more optimistic about the prospects. 

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“I think the UK Government and Boris Johnson need to get real and really understand the implications for the NHS and across the economy if there is no deal agreed.” 

The SNP leader then reflected on the potential impact a no deal Brexit could have on the NHS and what her Government is doing in preparation. 

She said: “In terms of the NHS and what I think you will have been asking about, I have watched some of the BBC’s coverage this morning.

“We look very carefully and have been looking very carefully at arrangements for medicines and other clinical consumables.

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“We have established that a national stockpile of around 60 critical care and supportive care and end of life medicines.

“We have got a stockpile of supplies for COVID-19 and treatments.

“NHS Scotland is working to ensure adequate supplies of stocks of medical devices and clinical consumables.”

Ms Sturgeon also faced criticism online from shifting to the political topic of Brexit rather sticking strictly on coronavirus.

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