Get over it! Rejoin EU activist mocked after releasing three-stage plot to undo Brexit

UK 'tied to Europe in meaningful way' says Rejoin and Reform founder

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The movement to rejoin the EU is surging, according to a pro-Brussels bloc campaigner. Rejoin and Reform founder John McPhie, who wants the UK to be an EU member, told LBC’s Eddie Mair that membership of his campaign group was accelerating in recent weeks. This comes amid a fresh row about post-Brexit trade in Northern Ireland, as the EU suggested removing 80 percent of checks on goods.

Mr McPhie said that his grouping had a “three-stage plan” to get Britain back inside the European bloc, even if it takes “decades”

He also suggested that Britain would have to reform itself to please the EU if the country moved to rejoin the bloc.

Mr McPhie told LBC: “We say there are three stages to rejoining the EU, and the first is to rejoin the single market and customs union.

“Right now that is imperative. Followed by reform, the EU would be very unhappy to receive a country with our current electoral system before we apply to rejoin.”

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The pro-EU campaigner continued: “We have thousands of members, and more and more join every week.

“As the penny begins to drop, our membership is increasing. Generally, there is a feeling across the country that we have had enough.”

However, his pronouncements were met with ridicule by many LBC listeners, who took to social media to lambast the claims.

@Chrissm07537852 tweeted: “Still struggling with that old Democracy thing I see!”

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Dave IV Ray added: “Rejoin a body that thinks it’s a ‘success’ that one HGV now doesn’t need 100s of certificates!! Pull the other one the EU is a dinosaur of red tape.”

@terri873213631 posted: “Somebody really needs to give these Remoaners some therapy sessions. Get over it!”

@albertSteptoe8 noted: “Labour’s ‘membership’ was increasing/the biggest but they lost in big fashion as it’s the ELECTORATE that counts, not a few hissy fit snowflakes, just saying!”


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Later in his interview, the rejoin activist suggested that the Tory Government itself may face pressure from inside its own party over the coming months to rejoin the bloc.

He said: “It may well be that this Government does it itself. The pressure might start to build in the Conservative Party.

“It would help if Labour changed its tune on Brexit, I might add.

“A progressive alliance is really the only way forward but it doesn’t look like the Labour Party is interested in that which is a great shame.”

This comes as French finance minister Bruno Le Maire has told the BBC that leaving the single market after Brexit has made the supply chain crisis worse for the UK.

He said: “The fact that we are a member of a very important single market helps us facing these bottlenecks.”

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