GE2020: Long queues at some polling stations, younger voters urged to keep to assigned time slots after noon

SINGAPORE – The Elections Department (ELD) said in a statement on Friday morning (July 10) that it has observed “longer than usual queues” at some polling stations in Singapore – where more than 2.65 million voters are expected to cast their votes for the General Election.

It explained that this was partly due to the additional safety measures put in place to ensure safe voting – such as temperature taking and the use of hand sanitisers and disposable gloves for voters.

It also urged voters to stick to their allotted time-slots.

It said: “The voting time-bands from 8 am to 12 noon are reserved for senior voters aged 65 years and above to minimise their interaction with younger voters.

“ELD urges younger voters, who are not accompanying any seniors, to keep to their assigned voting time-bands after 12 noon.”

It added that voters can check the queue situation at their assigned polling stations before setting off to vote.

In a bid to enhance the safety of voting amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of polling stations has been increased from 880 to 1,100. This means each station will serve an average of 2,400 voters, down from 3,000.

As of 10.00 am, 350,000 voters or 13 per cent of registered voters, have cast their votes at local polling stations in Singapore.

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