Fury erupts at Macron as French STOLE AstraZeneca jabs and risked British lives

Emmanuel Macron using France as his 'laboratory' says Oulds

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Reports hold France blocked the vaccines from leaving the EU from the Halix site in Holland. France managed to halt the delivery of the AstraZeneca vaccine despite it being set for the UK.

On March 22, AstraZeneca chief Ruud Dobber publicly stated a vaccine batch — enough to bottle several million doses — was expected to arrive in Britain.

France then blocked its transfer to the UK, with the EU making it clear Britain’s vaccine doses would never be granted a licence for export.

Alan Sked, emeritus professor of international history at LSE, took to Twitter to blast the French President for the move.

He said: “Apparently Macron swiped five million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine headed for Britain last month but we secured an equivalent amount of Pfizer ones instead. Little s***.”

Social media users also skewered Mr Macron for the reported theft of vaccine.

One said: “I think its time to name France as an enemy of our state.”

Another added: “Is Macron the most odious French President, ever?

“Steals our vaccines, disses their effectiveness and threatens to turn off our electricity.

“He’s no friend to the French or us.”

A UK Government source told The Sun the move to block AstraZeneca jabs was “outrageous”.

They told the outlet: “The French stole our vaccines at the same time as they were slagging them off in public and suggesting they weren’t safe to use.

“It was an outrageous thing to do and not the action of an ally, which was made very clear to them.

“Withholding vaccines by stopping them leaving the EU had the potential to cost lives with people waiting for both first and second jabs.

“We had a solid vaccine plan in place and this meant we were able to keep on jabbing.

“But it was an astonishing, outrageous thing to do.”

In March, EU leaders threatened to impose an export ban to block shipments of second vaccine doses to the UK.

At the time, France suggested Britain did not have enough doses of the Pfizer jab to administer second doses.

Brussels then accused AstraZeneca of reneging on its contract to supply the bloc with 120 million doses in the first quarter of this year.

EU member states justified possibly halting shipments of the vaccine by accusing the UK of failing to export any doses to the Continent.

Mr Macron supported the export ban, and said “Europe is not a selfish continent”.

He added at the time: “Because when I read what the press on the other side of the Channel writes, we’re being accused of being selfish.

“Wrong! We let our supply chains untouched.

“But we saw that the United States tend to protect their own vaccine production… that the United Kingdom did not export many doses.

“Actually, none. So we put in place an export control mechanism.”

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