Extinction Rebellion plotting mass occupations in London – endless protests planned

Tower Bridge: Extinction Rebellion protestor blocks traffic

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From August 23 the group is planning to descend on the capital for its so-called “Impossible Rebellion”. At multiple sites across the city, the group is preparing to occupy sites indefinitely.

They claim they will not give up their hold on the areas until their demands are met.

Extinction Rebellion is mainly preparing to disrupt financial institutions in the City but is also holding demonstrations in other parts of London likely to cause significant disruption to the general public.

Trafalgar Square is one such tourist attraction set to be targeted.

Activists have been told to “bring a chair to Trafalgar Square” in a mass protest against what they claim to be in-action from the Government on climate change.

In a message sent to almost 8,000 supporters yesterday, Extinction Rebellion said: “You have nothing to lose (except your chairs!)

“From there we will march and then we will sit in mass nonviolent action until our demands are met.

“We’ll hold cries talks and listen while we reach out.

“There are multiple crises happening now.”

Their latest communication came just hours after the United Nations panel on climate change said global warming was dangerously close to being out of control and humans were “unequivocally” to blame.

In what was described as a “Code Red” warning, the UN said unless immediate, rapid and large-scale action is taken to reduce emissions, the average global temperature is likely to reach or cross the 1.5-degree Celsius warming threshold within 20 years.

A rise of 1.5C is generally seen as the most that humanity could cope with without suffering widespread economic and social upheaval.

Extinction Rebellion occupations are similar to the tactics implemented by the group in April and October 2019 when the group brought parts of London to a standstill with roadblocks and large encampments.

Activists glued themselves to London Underground trains and to the roads in order to cause maximum chaos.

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Defending the disruption the demonstrations will cause to the public, Alanna Byrne, a spokeswoman for the climate activists, said: “It’s an important part of our strategy to cause disruption in a way that gets people talking about it.

“We feel strongly that we need to get people on the streets before Cop26.

“The Government has a leadership role to play in Cop and we feel they are not playing it well enough.”

In November the UK will play host to world leaders around the world for the UN Cop26 climate change summit.

Politicians will gather in Glasgow, Scotland to set ambitious climate targets and pledge the necessary money to make it happen.

Boris Johnson described yesterday’s UN climate report as “a wake-up call for the world” and said leaders needed “to take action now before we meet in Glasgow”.

Extinction Rebellion has scheduled an initial two weeks of demonstrations but has vowed to continue its occupation beyond that.

The 2019 demonstrations from the group cost the Met Police £37million.

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