EU news LIVE: Horror as child freezes to death at Poland-Belarus border amid migrant row

Thousands of migrants, mainly from the Middle East, are sheltering in freezing conditions in the woods on the frontiers between Belarus and the EU states Poland and Lithuania, which are refusing to let them cross. The European Union has accused Belarus of creating the crisis as part of a “hybrid attack”.


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  • Two migrants die due to freezing conditions13:28
  • Countries suspend airline tickets to Minsk

    Turkish Airlines, one of the main international carriers flying to Minsk has agreed to suspend one-way ticket sales for Middle Eastern migrants seeking to reach Europe via Belarus. 

    The European Executive confirmed the news on Friday as Iraqi Airlines also said it will not fly to the capital. 

    EU officials have begun talks with Iraq, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates and Turkey to try to stop migrants being encouraged by Belarus to come to the EU.

    According to the official Twitter account of the Turkish Civil Aviation Authority, a decision was taken to resolve “the problem of illegal border crossings between the European Union and Belarus.”

    It said the decision to deny tickets and boarding was “until further notice.”

    Two migrants die due to freezing conditions

    Activists at the Poland-Belarus border have announced the death of two more migrants. 

    A 14-year-old woman and a boy have reportedly frozen to death due to the conditions.

    Media and journalists are unable to access the area to find out more information.

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