EU has punished the UK since 1973! Britons unleash fury at bloc happy to break up Union

Sammy Wilson: EU used and abused Northern Ireland

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On Monday (February 21), DUP MP Sammy Wilson warned Brussels “doesn’t give a stuff” about Northern Ireland and is ready to watch the UK fall apart as a means of punishing Britain for leaving the European Union. Now Britons have hit back the bloc claiming the UK was “punished” the day we entered the EU’s Common Market.

One reader, My Opinion, wrote: “We started being ‘punished’ the day Heath took us into the Common Market and we have paid for it ever since.”

Alann wrote: “The EU has been punishing and rinsing us ever since we JOINED Sammy.”

Hushman added: “When are people going to get it into their heads that the EU are not our friends.

“They never were!”

With Summer bay echoing: “Every sensible person knows that our so-called friend, the EU, is determined to harm us as much as possible.

“We must walk away.”

Eddie Smith commented: “The EU are like a bitter ex who pretends they don’t give a stuff but are intent on revenge and preventing you from moving on.”

A sixth reader, Anti-Nationalist, wrote: “We should encourage EU members to abandon their membership and get their freedom back.”

Exlancslad added: “The EU is not an ally of Britain and would do anything to get its revenge for having the nerve to leave that corrupt organisation.

“It also wants to do anything in its power to prevent other countries for wanting to leave.”

Patrick Turveydrop wrote: “We need to stand up to Europe.

“And do what we want!”

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Mr Wilson also claimed the Northern Ireland Protocol has “injected poison” into politics in the region – and backed the idea of a Unionist alliance to stop Sinn Fein becoming the largest single party after the Stormont elections in May.

The DUP’s Brexit spokesman was speaking in advance of Monday’s meeting of the EU/UK joint committee on implementing the Protocol – but he indicated there was zero chance of any progress being made.

Mr WIlson told “Quite honestly they don’t give a stuff what happens to Northern Ireland. If as a result of the protocol, we have civil unrest, we have political instability, so what?

“The bigger picture for them is keeping the United Kingdom within its sphere of influence.

“We’re still the Trojan horse, which the EU is using to keep influence over the United Kingdom.

Mr Wilson explained: “It is my view that the EU will not care if it breaks up the United Kingdom as a means of punishing us.

“There’s a UK-wide constitutional, economic and fiscal implication of the Protocol.

“As far as Northern Ireland is concerned, of course, the Protocol has undermined the Belfast agreement.

“The fact that the executive is no longer functioning as a result of the poison which the Protocol has injected into politics in Northern Ireland and this is something which the EU is totally responsible for.”

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