Don’t believe all he says! Barnier ‘wasn’t at key moments in last weeks’ of Brexit talks

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In a revelation of the final moments of Brexit, Lord Frost disputed claims made by the EU’s negotiator in his memoirs. Such were the claims made by Mr Barnier, Lord Frost insisted “he did not recognise” some of the events in the book. In a tell-all interview, Lord Frost said: “The last couple of weeks, I don’t recognise his account.

“He wasn’t at most of the key moments in the last couple of weeks, so that’s possibly not surprising.”

In the interview with the Spectator, Lord Frost did add the majority of the storyline of events within memoirs was generally fair.

Within his memoirs, Mr Barnier revealed he and his British counterpart had clashed during negotiations.

Indeed, in one instance Mr Barnier claimed his counterpart arrived 45 minutes late for a lunch.

In what Mr Barnier labelled an “arrogant tone”, Lord Frost allegedly informed the negotiator that all important elements of the deal will be discussed between Boris Johnson and Ursula von der Leyen.

However, in a final exchange, Mr Barnier boasted that Lord Frost had not achieved his aim of bypassing the negotiator.

He said: “He knows that I know that until the last moment he wanted to bypass me by seeking to open a parallel negotiating line with the cabinet of President Ursula von der Leyen.

“And he knows it hasn’t been successful.”

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Tensions with the EU also plummeted following the introduction of the UK Internal Market bill last year. 

The EU claimed the UK Government had broken elements of the withdrawal agreement by attempting to rewrite elements concerning Northern Ireland.

In particular, the bill made changes over state aid provisions and customs export declarations although the legislation was later rewritten following talks with Brussels.

Although the two sides agreed on the Trade and Cooperation Agreement, the bitter relations have continued this year.

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Indeed, the EU has refused to grant the UK equivalence for financial markets and has remained steadfast in its refusal to rework the Northern Ireland protocol.

Commenting on the issues surrounding Northern Ireland, Lord Frost admitted relations may be “bumpy” for some time with the EU.

During his appearance at the Scrutiny Committee, Lord Frost insisted he wants to improve relations with the EU over Northern Ireland.

Although relations remain strained, he claimed the UK Government will work to resolve any issues within the country.

Lord Frost added: “It’s clear from my visit that the Protocol is presenting significant challenges for many in Northern Ireland.

“Businesses have gone to extraordinary efforts to make the current requirements work, but it is hard to see that the way the Protocol is currently operating can be sustainable for long.”

Talks will continue with the EU over the protocol as the two sides attempt to find a resolution to trade.

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