Desperate Remainers launch digital protest for Britain to rejoin the EU NOW

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A Twitter campaign launched by remainers will see a “digital protest” take place on Sunday, October 3 in a bid to see Britain rejoin the EU. Those unhappy with the impact of Brexit have taken to Twitter to launch the offensive amid concerns leaving the bloc “isn’t working”.

Sharing their thoughts on social media, some claim “Britain is better off in Europe”, while others showed their support over tomorrow’s impending “digital protest” which has the slogan #JohnsonOUT.

The movement seeks to see Boris Johnson sacked after his “get Brexit done” campaign.

User @PhilMyers53 whose bio declares he is “pro Sir Keir Starmer” shared an infographic about the event which calls for supporters to use the term “#JohnsonOUT” on their public profiles.

It also calls upon fellow remainers to sign off any public social media posts with the hashtag, while urging them to tweet and email their MP calling for the current Prime Minister to go.

The website describes the actions as “a responsible way to demonstrate in the middle of a pandemic”.

Also on the site, the group spearheading the campaign claims the Government has “failed miserably” in protecting civilians.

It reads: “People want to see a Government that values decency, competency, integrity and an end to cronyism. We simply can’t wait until the next general election we want.

“Human life is THE most precious thing, the DUTY of a Government is to protect its citizens. It’s clear the government and in particular the PM has failed miserably.”

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They outline actions they claim are wrong-doings of the current leader including instances during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It reads: “We are an island nation with natural borders and it was clear in February 2020 that Covid posed a real threat, Johnson’s response? He went on holiday!”

It added: “January 2020 Matt Hancock made two statements ‘It doesn’t represent a threat’ and ‘We were fully prepared’. It was, we weren’t.

“Since which time the Government has been slow to react at every stage of the pandemic. Just how many lives have been lost quite avoidably?”

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The tweet was met with replies from other supporters sharing the hashtag while one user – @Jax06153243 – claimed that the Conservative party is not fit to govern the country.

They wrote: “Yes. Though it has been inflicted on us by the monstrous govt who simply have no interest in us – only that we keep their coffers filled with taxes [sic].

“Their choices & decisions have brought us here. They are wholly responsible #JohnsonOut #ToriesUnfitToGovern”.

Elsewhere on social media, other users have added their voice in support of a campaign to allow Britain to re-join the European Union.

User @Veronica_Mead shared a meme captioned with the term “new slogan for the Brexit bus?”

It uses the image of a bus from Mr Johnson’s Brexit campaign which originally read “We send the EU £350 million a week, let’s fund our NHS instead. Vote leave”.

The image capitalises on the UK’s current fuel crisis as the wording has been altered to read “We have no fuel for this bus. But that’s ok because we have no driver either”.

While @sam_austin14, deputy chief executive for Wales homelessness charity Llamau, tweeted her thoughts on why “Brexit isn’t working”.

She outlines areas such as a shortage of HGV drivers and a lack of fuel supplies in her argument.

Alongside an image featuring the slogan showing a traffic build-up of HGV drivers, she wrote to her 5k followers: “It’s nearly #FollowBackFriday & this week more than most we’ve clearly seen #BrexitIsntWorking

“Empty supermarket shelves, fuel queues, key worker shortages etc etc. A UK Gov with no plan other than to blame everyone else.

“Time to #Rejoin & link back up with our #EU neighbours”

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