Covid 19 Delta outbreak: Act Party proposes abandoning eradication strategy


Act Party leader David Seymour says the Government’s Covid-19 strategy is no longer viable, and is calling for an end to regional lockdowns.

The party released its Covid 3.0 strategy this morning, saying that with the Delta variant the “eradication” strategy was no longer viable and urging five changes of focus for the Government.

They included a recognition that the strategy could no longer work; a move away “from isolating whole cities to isolating only those who it makes sense to isolate”; a move away from “chronic fear and uncertainty” towards freedom; a shift away from government-knows-best towards openness; and an overall strategic shift away from public health to wellbeing.

New Zealand’s elimination strategy aims to stamp out Covid-19 when it appears in the community, but Seymour said it was time to start planning for life beyond lockdowns.

“With the eradication [sic] strategy no longer viable, there needs to be a change of approach,” he said.

“Delta has changed the game, with the lockdowns no longer short, no longer sharp, and the periods of freedom likely to be shorter. All the while, isolation remains a growing problem.”

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