‘Childish’ Anna Soubry sparks backlash as Remainer chips in after Barnier’s Brexit speech

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Anna Soubry, who served as an MP for Broxtowe in Nottinghamshire from 2010 to 2019, has accused the Government of “incompetence” over their current handling of the Brexit negotiations with the EU. The former MP quit the Tory party in February 2019 to form Change UK with a handful of other colleagues, and has been heavily criticised on Twitter today for her scathing assessment of Boris Johnson’s Brexit stance.

In response to a video of EU chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier saying he doesn’t understand why the UK is reluctant to discuss cooperation on foreign policy, development and defence, Ms Soubry criticised the Government’s approach to negotiations.

Ms Soubry, who was a strong supporter of Britain remaining in the EU, wrote on Twitter: “We know why. Mendacity, duplicity & incompetence are the overriding features of Boris Johnson’s premiership.”

But the former politician sparked a backlash for weighing in on the current Brexit talks, with many mocking her and branding her as “childish”.

One person said: “Your anger at being ousted by Boris is a bit obvious and childish.”

Another user mocked the Remainer and wrote: “Still sore Anna?”

A third said: “Hahahah, soooooo bitter Anna.”

Another person simply urged Ms Soubry to “move on”.

Someone else wrote: “Like the duplicity of being elected on a manifesto which you then object to, then change party without the guts to stand in a by-election??”

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Another user criticised Ms Soubry’s stance on Brexit, as even after the 2016 referendum result the MP called for a second vote on the matter.

The user wrote: “A bit like when you said you would honour the referendum result?

“And before you say that your actions were entirely reasonable.

“Isn’t it a plain fact that your former constituents were less than convinced.”

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Ms Soubry was ousted from her seat in the December 2019 general election, having secured just eight percent of the vote.

The Change UK candidate finished third, with Tory candidate Darren Henry winning the seat.

Her party failed to win any seats in the election.

The fourth round of Brexit negotiations concluded today, which saw Mr Barnier accuse the UK of “backtracking” on commitments on key issues.

He said no “significant progress” had been made this week, as the two sides negotiated via video conferencing.

David Frost, Britain’s chief negotiator, said the UK was “reaching the limits of what we can achieve” in a thinly-veiled warning of a no deal Brexit.

But he said the tone of the talks with the EU had been “positive” and that if further progress was to be made the two sides needed to “intensify and accelerate” their work rate.

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