Brexit talks EXTENSION: Eustice lets slip ‘possible’ EU negotiations to continue into 2021

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The Environment Secretary told Kay Burley that it is “always possible” to extend negotiations with the EU. Mr Eustice added that Lord David Frost, the UK’s chief Brexit negotiator, wants to persevere with the EU trade talks as there is still a prospect of finding an agreement with the trading bloc. 

Ms Burley asked: “How likely are we to have a deal this week and if we don’t have a deal does that mean we have run out of time?”

The Conservative MP said: “Well, we really are now running out of time and we have been saying that for some weeks.

“This is the crucial week we need to get a breakthrough.

“I really do think we are now in the final week or 10 days.

“Of course, if great progress was made this week and you were nearly there it is always possible to extend those negotiations.”

He added: “David Frost has made clear that we are continuing the negotiations because we still think there is a prospect that we can get an agreement and while there is, we should persevere with those.

“There does come a point for both sides where the ability to ratify an agreement and get things sorted because quite difficult if we leave things too late.

“Businesses do need to know where they stand on January 1.”

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