Brexit minister Lord Frost claims EU doesnt always look like it wants UK to succeed as he demands Northern Ireland Protocol changes

Brexit minister Lord Frost has accused the EU of being an organisation “that doesn’t always look like” it wants the UK to succeed as he demanded changes to post-Brexit arrangements for Northern Ireland.

In a speech in Lisbon, the cabinet minister called on Brussels to help “tackle the fundamental issues” with the Northern Ireland Protocol and to show “the same ambition and willingness” to solve problems.

Lord Frost said the Protocol was “the biggest source of mistrust” between the EU and UK, with the border arrangements having “completely lost consent in one community in Northern Ireland”.

“There is a widespread feeling in the UK that the EU did try to use Northern Ireland to encourage UK political forces to reverse the referendum result or at least to keep us closely aligned with the EU,” he added.

“And, moreover, that the Protocol represents a moment of EU overreach when the UK’s negotiating hand was tied, and therefore cannot reasonably last in its current form.

“Whether or not you agree with either analysis – the facts on the ground are what matter above all.

“Maybe there is a world in which the Protocol could have worked, more sensitively implemented. But the situation has now moved on. We now face a very serious situation. The Protocol is not working.”

Lord Frost revealed he had shared a new legal text with the European Commission on Tuesday with his planned changes for the Protocol.

He spoke ahead of EU vice-president Maros Sefcovic delivering Brussels’ response on Wednesday to the UK government’s bid to change the Protocol.

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