Brexit LIVE: Void it now! Britons demand hated deal torn up after Sefcovic threats

Lord Frost criticised over post-Brexit negotiations by Habib

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European Commission vice president warned continued threats from Britain to exit post-Brexit trade rules for Northern Ireland are “enormously disruptive” and a decision to activate Article 16 would constitute an “enormous setback” for EU-UK relations.

Mr Sefcovic argued the Northern Ireland Protocol “was the most complicated part of the Brexit negotiations and is the foundation of the whole deal”.

He added: “Without the protocol, the system collapses.

“We must prevent that at all costs.”

Now readers have demanded the hated deal should be torn up following the EU’s threats.

One person, Pythagoras, commented: “Collapse it. Void the withdrawal agreement.

“Limit payments to legal debts less their debts to us.

“Void the fishing licences. Trade on WTO terms as we do with USA. Our biggest customer.”

Another reader, suebhayro, commented: “Article 16 is a legal Article, set in the Withdrawal Agreement, for either side to use if they deem necessary and the conditions are met.

“No one has the right to make threats, if the legal conditions for triggering have been met.

“Liz Truss needs to hold her nerve and use the legality of the Article for the good of Northern Ireland/the UK.”


Joe Biden blasted over Brexit ‘animosity’ and warned over UK-US trade deal ‘tension’

Joe Biden’s administration has been accused of showing “animosity” towards Brexit and blasted for its reluctance to accelerate a post-Brexit trade deal with the UK.

Nile Gardiner, a foreign policy analyst and former aide to Margaret Thatcher, launched a stinging attack against the Biden administration, warning there is now “a lot of tension in the UK-US relationship”.

He believes that is a result of perceived “animosity” towards Brexit and an “unwillingness” to press ahead with the free trade deal with Brexit Britain.

Mr Gardiner also claimed Mr Biden’s presidency “has been hugely unhelpful” in regards to relations between the two sides, branding his foreign policy a “complete disaster” following the chaotic withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan earlier this year.

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