Braverman accused of multiple serious breaches by her own colleague

Nadhim Zahawi defends Suella Braverman as Home Secretary

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Suella Braverman was allegedly involved in a probe into a leak that raised “concerns” at MI5, along with “multiple” other security breaches. Ms Braverman, who resigned from Government last Wednesday after admitting to sending an official document from her personal email, was reappointed as Home Secretary by Rishi Sunak six days later. 

It has also been revealed that Ms Braverman was probed by Government officials as part of an inquiry into the leak of a sensitive story involving Britain’s security services.

The Home Secretary was included in the investigation, which took place earlier this year.

The leak related to a story about the Government’s plan to apply for an injunction against the BBC to stop it from identifying a spy who was accused of using his position to terrorise his former partner.

The leaked story claimed that it was Ms Braverman, the Attorney General at the time, who was seeking the injunction.

According to the Daily Mail, the leak caused “concern” to MI5.

An investigation was then launched by the Government Security Group, a unit within the Cabinet Office which investigates leaks.

As the leak involved an issue of national security, it is understood that MI5 also had a role in the inquiry.

Meanwhile, speaking to TalkTV last night, former party chairman Mr Berry said: “From my own knowledge, there were multiple breaches of the ministerial code.

“It was sent from a private email address to another member of parliament.

“She then sought to copy in that individual’s wife and accidentally sent it to a staffer in parliament.

“To me, that seems a really serious breach, especially when it was documents relating to cybersecurity.

“That seems a really serious breach. The cabinet secretary had his say at the time, I doubt he’s changed his mind.

“As I understand it, the evidence was put to her and she accepted it, rather than the other way round.”

Yesterday, Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper called for an investigation into Ms Braverman.

She asked: “Has the Home Office, Cabinet Office or security service now undertaken an investigation into her security breaches to see how many others there have been? And can I urge him to make sure that happens urgently?”

Ms Cooper continued: “What security clearance has the home secretary been given? Does she still have access to the most sensitive documents, and did the cabinet secretary warn against her reappointment?”

Responding, Cabinet Office minister Jeremy Quin said it would “not be proper” for them to probe “events in the last administration”.

A Downing Street spokesperson later confirm that Ms Braverman has the “requisite” security clearance to be able to do her job in the Home Office.

Mr Quin said the Home Secretary had “made an error of judgement, she recognised her mistake and took responsibility for her actions” by resigning last week.

He added: “The Prime Minister has looked again and decided she will return to government.

“At the end of the day it’s very simple, the Home Secretary made a mistake … this Government will have integrity, professionalism and accountability at every level.”

Mr Sunak defended his appointment of Ms Braverman at PMQs yesterday, saying: “The Home Secretary made an error of judgment but she recognised that, she raised the matter and she accepted her mistake.

“That is why I was delighted to welcome her back into a united cabinet that brings experience and stability to the heart of Government.”

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