Boris urged to sack Hancock as Health Secretary’s ‘I know best attitude’ under fire – poll

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Mr Hancock is facing pressure to step down from his ministerial post from renowned oncologist and vaccine researcher Dr Angus Dalgleish. The professor of oncology at St George’s Hospital in London said the health secretary has had “nine long months to educate himself out of his ignorance of the scientific implications of the COVID-19 pandemic” as he blasted his dismissal of the possibility of herd immunity.

Dr Dalgleish said he wants to see the Prime Minister sack Mr Hancock over “his apparent inability to assess the medical evidence that is mounting against lockdowns”.

Announcing the Government’s decision to move London and other areas into the “high” Tier 2 of the lockdown system, Mr Hancock told the House of Commons: “I know that these measures are not easy but I also know that they are vital.”

As millions of people across England brace for tougher restrictions under new local lockdowns, conducted a survey asking readers if Mr Johnson should fire Mr Hancock.

The majority of the 5,737 readers who responded to the poll said they would back such a move.

Sixty-eight percent (3,859) said Mr Hancock should lose his spot in the Cabinet while 31 percent (1,818) said he should stay.

Just one percent (60) of respondents said they didn’t know.

In comments, readers explained their reasons, with many saying they felt Mr Hancock’s moves were not backed up by scientific evidence.

One person accused the Health Secretary of behaving “like a petulant schoolboy”.

The reader wrote: “A minister not in control of his brief, won’t take advice, I know best attitude.

“No scientific background and thinks himself superior to all around him.

“The sooner he goes the better. Get someone who actually knows what he’s talking about. A very bad appointment by Boris.”

A second reader demanded: “Sack Hancock and Boris resign.”

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And yet a third fumed: “Boris should sack Hancock, then sack himself.”

However, other readers who were critical of the Health Secretary’s approach to the pandemic argued it would not be in the best interests of the country to sack him.

One reader questioned why such a move would be wise when “whoever replaces him will still be run by the globalist puppeteers who are controlling the failed ‘scientists’ to push their agenda.”

Another respondent said they could not think of any Tory MP who would do a better job of making major decisions in the midst of a public health crisis.

They said: “I’m saying no because, let’s face it, there is no one capable of taking charge.

“The Tories have had 10 years to sort out the problems in the NHS and done nothing, now we are reaping the results.

“As to the COVID problem, they are all running around like headless chickens, looking to blame someone for their incompetence.”

One person said rather than sack Mr Hancock, a string of NHS chiefs should lose their jobs “because as you say the problem was around before Hancock – he’s only a passing ship”.

Another simply said now is not the time to be replacing the UK’s Health Secretary.

The poll ran from 9.25am to 9.45pm on Thursday, October 15.

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