Boris tears into Barnier’s fishing plan as UK rejects Brussels £90m offer – ‘Not enough!’

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Britain has rejected Michel Barnier’s fisheries plan as “not enough” after Brussels offered £90m in exchange for access to British waters. Boris Johnson’s team has deemed the figure proposed by Brussels as “too low” and “not enough,” as Britain demands EU ups its offer if its fishermen want access next year. According to RTE’s Brexit Republic podcast, Mr Barnier suggested offering around 15 percent of the total worth of fish European boats catch in UK waters each year as payment to the UK – which would amount to £90m. 

The Europe Editor Tony Connelly explained: “Barnier has spoken about the €650million worth of fish that the European fleet catch in British waters.

“They want to take that and see how much of that can be passed over to UK boats.

“So what if the EU said you can get €100m of that back as a package of value that you can get showing this is the value we are getting out of Brexit in terms of the amount of fish we can get.

“The theory is that would give the UK a tangible gain on stock shares while allowing EU fleets to maintain a significant amount of access to UK waters and a significant share of fish quotas.” 

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He added: “It is probably not enough if that’s the way we’re going but that is the direction of travel in terms of reaching a deal.”

EU officials also acknowledge that this figure would be too low for London to accept.

One official told RTE: “If the wider negotiations are going well and there’s a possibility of a deal there, then at some point somebody will say, okay, enough is enough, let’s split the difference.”

Mr Connelly said that EU leaders have admitted it will “suffer a drop in quota”.

He continued: “EU member-states will try to do some burden-sharing amongst themselves so not one single member-states takes all the pain of the quota loss.”

This comes as Brexit negotiations remain deadlocked after a call between Boris Johnson and Ursula von der Leyen.

Both sides admitted that “large differences remain” ahead of a decisive week of talks.


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The European Commission President and the Prime Minister both highlighted the contentious issues of EU access to British waters and agreement on future rules to ensure fair competition.

Both parties agreed negotiating teams would resume talks in London on Monday.

The issue of fishing has become a major stumbling block in the talks.

Earlier this week, French fishermen warned of possible blockades of British products at the port of Calais if no deal is agreed.

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