Boris Johnson demands von der Leyen see ‘sweet reason’ as he gears up to head to Brussels

Boris Johnson says Brexit deal 'looking difficult'

Boris Johnson admitted that the UK would continue to talk to the EU to secure a Brexit deal to the last moment. While speaking to Sky News while in a hospital following the first Pfizer coronavirus vaccine administration, Mr Johnson insisted that he was still hopeful a Brexit deal could be agreed. He claimed that the situation was tricky but he was resolute that Britain would prosper whatever arrangement and demanded the EU to see “sweet reason”.

When asked about the Brexit trade talk progress being made, he said: “I’m always hopeful… yes, I am very hopeful, but I’ve got to be honest with you I think the situation at the moment is very tricky.

“I think our friends have just got to understand that the UK has left the European Union in order to be able to exercise democratic control over how we do things.

“There is also the issue of fisheries where we are a long way apart still but hope springs eternal.

“I will do my best to sort it out if we can.”

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Mr Johnson defended his imminent trip to Brussels for more Brexit talks and the likelihood of making progress.

He said: “Well, you have got to be optimistic and believe in the power of sweet reason to get this thing over the line.

“But I have to tell you it is looking very difficult at the moment and we will do our level best. 

“On January 1st, there is going to be change and people need to get ready for that change.” 

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Mr Johnson also reiterated that he believed “whatever happens” the UK will be different from the end of the transition period.

“He said: “I think people need to realise that no matter what happens, it is going to be different from January 1st.

“Whatever kind of deal we get, whether it be Australia or like Canada, there is going to change.

“Businesses and people need to get ready for that change and I hope that everybody understands that.”

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The Prime Minister insisted the UK Government would continue negotiating to the last moment but also noted that there may come a time when negotiations need to stop.

“Of course we will be trying to get a deal up until the wire.

“We are always hopeful but there may come a moment when we have to acknowledge that it is time to draw stumps and that is just the way it is.

“We will prosper mightily under any version and if we go for an Australian solution that is fine too.”

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