Boris Johnson branded laughing stock who lost Britons faith Look at the polls!

MP Jerry Hayes says the Tory party 'can't survive with Boris'

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Former Conservative MP Jerry Hayes stressed that a failure to oust “laughing stock” Prime Minister Boris Johnson would be the Conservative Party’s undoing. The pressure on Mr Johnson went up another notch yesterday after allegations that the Tory whips, who are the party’s parliamentary business managers, allegedly “blackmailed” the Tory rebels that submitted a no confidence letter in a bid to force a leadership contest. Mr Hayes, a former MP for Harlow in Essex from 1983 to 1997, thinks that some things such as exemplary behaviour and sticking to the principles are non-negotiable if you are a Prime Minister.

Just when the under-fire Prime Minister seemed to have given himself breathing space thanks the successful COVID-19 booster campaign, things began to fall apart again after a string of revelations of parties in Downing Street came to light.

Several Tory MPs have already submitted letters of no confidence to 1922 Committee chairman Sir Graham Brady and Mr Hayes is under no illusion that the Prime Minister’s bubble has irreversibly burst.

Speaking to Dan Wootton host on GB News he went on a rant against Mr Johnson blasting him for his unreliability and deeming him a person that “nobody” has faith in.

Asked if “not getting rid” of Mister Johnson will be the final nail in the Tory party’s coffin he said, he said: “Of course, it will, of course it will. 

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“The whole point of the Tory party is about winning power and surviving.

“The fact is when you got a Prime Minister, who got no principles, no shame and no judgement who nobody trusts who has become a laughing stock [it’s hard to make a case].”

He then recalled how Tory whips tried to resist change and were against the idea of a change of Prime Minister in the mid-seventies, intent on sticking with Edward Heath.

But he pointed out that the gamble to replace him with Margaret Thatcher eventually paid off, saying “look what she did” as he tried to make a serious case for history to repeat itself by electing a new Prime Minister.

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In 1976 just like today there were many naysayers among the Tory whips.

“Do you remember when we had a chap called Ed Heath?”, he recalled

“There was some woman called Margaret Thatcher, the whips were going round saying ‘no, no, no Teddy is the man, it’s a matter of self-harm, we got this stupid woman’, and look what she did.” 

And the recent polls did nothing to alleviate the Pressure on Mr Johnson as the Conservative party falling a staggering 32 points behind Labour in London following the “Partygate” scandal.


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And with Mr Johnson’s popularity decreasing in the UK and several Tory MPs willing to dispense with him the end of the journey is looming.

He said: “If you look at the polls and that’s gonna be the killer one, look at the polls in the constituencies, not just the Red Wall.

“Edwina [Currie] and I were with the Red Wall in 1983 and we know what it’s like in the marginal state and we want to survive.

“The question for the Tory party is can they survive with Boris? What happens if he have Minister and he becomes the story?

“And that story has to go and that Minister has to go.

“Boris Johnson is the story, he has to go.”

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