‘Bombastic’ Boris Johnson torn apart as EU ‘calls PM’s Brexit trade deal bluff’

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Former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib argued Boris Johnson’s Brexit bluffs had been called by the EU. While speaking on Brexit Unlocked with Martin Daubney and Belinda de Lucy, Mr Habib said the EU could see the Prime Minister was not sticking to his word. The Government’s reluctance to permanently step away from the trade talks ultimately weakened the Government’s negotiating position, according to Mr Habib.

Ms de Lucy said: “If the Government was serious about no deal or serious about even getting a good deal they would have walked away by now.

“So what are they doing still talking?”

Mr Habib highlighted the many times Boris Johnson failed to keep his promises on deadlines.

He said: “They absolutely would have walked away.

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“The negotiating mandate in February stipulated that if we don’t have a deal that is pretty much done by June 30 we will walk away.

“At that point, in his normal bombastic way, said he was going to put a tiger in the tank of negotiations to get a deal by July.

“That was not music to my ears but anyway, we didn’t walk by the end of July and then he moved that to October 15.

“Boris said we would head towards no deal unless the EU relented on its demands of state aid and fisheries.

“Lo and behold, the EU has not relented in their demands.”

Mr Habib also argued Boris Johnson and his Government had shown they did not have the courage to satisfy Brexiteers and stick to its previous promises.

He said: “When you fail and you set a deadline and you say you are going to take certain actions at the end of that deadline unless your terms are fulfilled and then you fail to take those actions, your bluff is called.

“We now know that Boris Johnson has not got the guts to do a no deal.

“We also, therefore, know that he was bluffing us when he said he would rather be dead in a ditch than not leave on October 31.”

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Mr Habib noted the UK should have pushed for a no deal as their trade deal negotiation terms had not been met by Brussels.

He continued: “One of the tweets put out by David Frost is him saying he is going to go on negotiating until the last possible moment.

“But that actually isn’t David Frost’s mandate, his mandate was to walk at the end of June if he didn’t get a deal.

“David Frost is not adhering to the UK’s mandate to which he was signed up to.”

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