Bidens wake of failures is undermining US support for Ukraine

Biden’s ‘lack of leadership’ on Ukraine analysed by Basham

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Joe Biden’s unpopularity may be undermining the US efforts in supporting Ukraine’s fight against the Russian invasion, new polling has revealed. The survey by the Democracy Institute comes as supporters of Donald Trump have continued to claim had he remained in power Vladimir Putin would not have decided to send his tanks into a neighbouring country.

Writing for, Peggy Grande, a former political appointee to Donald Trump’s White House staff described Ukraine as part of President Biden’s “wake of failures.”

She said: “For the people of Ukraine, it’s hard to fathom that Putin would have invaded if Donald Trump was president. Trump’s language and stance against tyranny was not only strong but more importantly, was respected. He embraced Ronald Reagan’s ‘Peace Through Strength’ mantra, believing deterrence was preferred – avoiding conflict before it could even begin.

“As a result, Donald Trump engaged America in no new wars during his time in office.

“Putin would likely not have been brave enough, or foolish enough, to encroach upon the sovereign land of Ukraine with President Trump in the Oval Office.”

Ms Grande added that Ukraine was part of a wider malaise on foreign policy.

She said: “China’s President Xi certainly wouldn’t be putting Taiwan in his crosshairs if a strong, resolute president, like Trump, were still at the helm. They, and other aggressors worldwide, are taking advantage of opportunities to exploit American weakness under Biden.

“Even in Afghanistan, President Trump had left a very small force on the ground, joined by UN troops, together providing a fragile, yet stable peace.

There hadn’t been a single military death there in over a year. Sadly, within months of Joe Biden taking office, Kabul collapses, 13 servicemembers died, and the Afghan people, especially the women, overnight were condemned to a dangerous and desperate future under Taliban rule.”

According to the polling by the Washington DC based Democracy Institute of 1,500 “likely voters”, Ukraine is seen as a key issue by just 5 percent but the Republicans, with many of their candidates questioning intervention in Ukraine, has a Republican advantage of 8 percent among voters.

While 55 percent agree with Ms Grande’s assessment that Trump was a better President, a shocking 61 percent disapprove of Mr Biden’s handling of foreign policy even though his time as a Senator and Barack Obama’s Vice President he was meant to be a foreign policy expert.

President Biden’s handling of the Ukraine crisis also shows that 57 percent disapprove while only 33 percent approve.

Of more concern is that at a time of economic crisis with inflation as the number one political issue, 58 percent of respondents believe that sanctions against Russia hurt America more.

On top of that more than half (52 percent) think it would be OK to let Ukraine lose to Russia and 55 percent would oppose the US trying to remove Putin from power.

The polling also shows that when asked which would be better for America, 56 percent answer Biden out of the White House and just 42 percent Putin out of the Kremlin.

Patrick Basham, Director of the Democracy Institute, warned the problem for Biden was that he “over promised” on Ukraine.

He said: “Biden suggested that the war would be over quickly, that the Russian economy would be crushed and Putin would be removed from power.

“None of these things happened and now Americans are losing confidence because they see the other problems around inflation and the cost of living which were already there but are being made worse by sanctions and the war.”

The problems for perceptions on Biden come as the Republicans are expected to win heavily in the crucial midterm elections next week.

Some projections have them taking a big majority in the House of Representatives and even the Senate where only four seats could change hands.

Over the weekend, President Biden appeared to take a back seat on campaigning with former President Obama leading rallies around the country instead.


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