BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson to make statement at 2 p.m.

BC Liberal Leader Andrew announced Monday that he will make a public statement at 2 p.m. PT.

Global News will stream the event live here on our website, on BC1 and on our Facebook page.

His announcement comes after the BC NDP’s risk in calling a snap election paid off as it won a projected majority government on Saturday night.

In his speech that night, Wilkinson did not concede the race and did not offer any hints as to his future as party leader.

“The NDP are clearly ahead and it appears they will have the opportunity to form government,” Wilkinson had said.

“But with almost half a million mail-in ballots still to be counted, we don’t know what the final seat count will be, and we owe it to every voter — every voter, no matter how they expressed their intention — to await the final results.”

On Sunday evening, Wilkinson sent out a Tweet saying he had spoken with Premier John Horgan to congratulated him on the win.

The BC Liberals are facing questions about Wilkinson’s role as leader and where the party needs to go next.

Liberal candidate Alexa Loo, who remains locked in a too-close-to-call race for Richmond South Centre with the NDP’s Henry Yao, used a sports analogy to describe the situation on Saturday night.

“You go to games, you lose the race — you’re getting a new team leader,” she said.

“So now, who will the new team leader be? Will it be someone who is new and dynamic and can push the team across the finish line all the way?”

Final election results, which will include an estimated 600,000 outstanding mail-in and absentee ballots, are projected to be available some time after Nov. 16.

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