BBC audience confronts Sturgeons deputy in furious outburst

BBC: Audience member says Sturgeon 'uses negative terminology'

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A Scottish audience member rebuked SNP claims that the party speaks for Scotland during BBC Question Time last night. The panel programme took place in the East Lothian city of Musselburgh. However, the SNP did not enjoy an easy ride as one audience member blasted Nicola Sturgeon’s recent claim that she “detests” the Tories.

The BBC audience member said she was fed up with having a First Minister who “constantly uses negative terminology”.

Last weekend, Ms Sturgeon sparked controversy after telling Laura Kuenssberg that she “detests the Tories”.

When asked if she would prefer a Labour or Tory government, Ms Sturgeon said: “I detest the Tories and everything they stand for so it’s not difficult to answer that question.”

The remarks drew a strong backlash and accusations that she “detested” Tory voters in Scotland.

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The Scottish first minister later clarified that she was “referring to Tory policies and values that do a lot of damage” and not individuals.

The BBC panel programme was asked whether it was right for someone in Nicola Sturgeon’s position to say she detests the Tories.

Responding to the uproar, one audience member said: “I personally find it very offensive that it is continually said saying you are speaking for Scotland.

“That John Swinney’s party is speaking for Scotland. You may represent us but you certainly do not speak for each individual person here.”

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John Swinney, who is the deputy first minister in Scotland, looked on as the audience member tore into his party. 

She continued: “The rhetoric that is continually used to put down the Tories, and I’m certainly no fan of Liz Truss and all the mistakes she has currently made.

“However, I still think it’s better than the situation we find ourselves in Scotland, where we have a leader that constantly uses negative terminology, constantly barrages that about.

“We are supposed to sit here and accept it because the majority of Scotland is supposedly SNP.

“Please stop speaking for the majority of us. You do not represent every one of us”


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The passionate criticism earned a huge round of applause from the Scottish audience.

Ms Sturgeon’s remarks last weekend prompted cabinet minister Nadhim Zahawi to describe her language as”dangerous”.

In a tweet, former leader of the Scottish Conservatives, Ruth Davidson, said the comment was “clearly a rhetoric-raising strategy”.

Conservative MP Andrew Bowie added that the divisive language would not help the SNP win over voters who voted against Scottish independence in the 2014 referendum.


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