Barnier mocked for threat to quit Brexit talks – ‘Cheerio and thanks for all the fish!’

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On Tuesday, Mr Barnier, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, threatened to pull out of post-Brexit trade talks with the UK unless Boris Johnson caved on his red lines. The Brussels diplomat told his British counterpart Lord Frost he would not travel to London for another round of negotiations this weekend if Downing Street did not budge on fisheries and common standards. Mr Barnier gave the UK 48 hours to alter its stance, hoping the move would break the current deadlock.

But readers have mocked the Eurocrat for making the threat, and instead welcomed the news talks could end early.

One person said: “Amazing display of delusion, they still think they can control us.

“All I can say is Cheerio bye bye oh and thanks for all the fish.”

Another wrote: “Oh how sad, Barnier might not come to Britain for talks if we do not surrender our sovereignty to the EU. Well. Good bye then, have a nice day.”

A third said: “Looks like the ‘talks’ are over then. Huzzah!”

Another user fumed at the EU’s constant demands and reluctance to compromise.

They wrote: “The EU must respect the UK as an independent Sovereign Nation.

“To a certain extent, it is a two way street but, the EU constant dictate and demands must end for them to accept our world status against their status of being nothing in the world.

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“The UK must not under any circumstances compromise on anything. What belongs to the UK belongs to the UK.

“Nobody has the authority to give any of our assets away to a mere club, no matter who it is.

“The UK must at all times remain absolute rock solid and give nothing away.

“If it means there is no deal, so be it, it is what we voted for.”

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Many users also stated they would prefer a no deal outcome.

One person said: “Cancellation of the London meeting!! Wonderful, wonderful news!!

“It’ll be the WTO Leave that most of us now want!!”

A second reader wrote: “Desperation writ large by the EU and the lame negotiator Barnier. Ignore. No deal is the best best deal right now.”

Time is running out for the two sides to agree a trade deal, as the EU transition period will end on December 31.

But this morning Chancellor Rishi Sunak has said he is confident that a Brexit trade deal could be struck with the EU in the coming days.

He said: “There is a lot of work going on, and I think with a constructive attitude and goodwill on all sides we can get there.

“It’s clear what the shape of the deal looks like.

“I am hopeful that the EU will see that the vast majority of what we’re asking for are things that they’ve already agreed with other countries. The teams are hard at work.”

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