Another Tory MP breaks cover and demands Truss resigns

Crispin Blunt says ‘the game is up’ for Liz Truss

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Another Tory MP has broken cover, demanding Liz Truss resigns for “undermining the UK’s credibility”. Jamie Wallis is the second Tory MP to insist the Prime Minister to go, the first earlier today suggesting “the game’s up”.

In a letter published on social media, Dr Wallis wrote that the Tory party’s endurance is down to “out willingness to adapt and evolve where it is necessary to serve the interests of the British people” – a “fundamental aim” which “should always override all other considerations, especially for those who seek or occupy high office”.

The MP added: “I do not believe that you have done so in your short time as Prime Minister.

“Moreover, I believe this failure has arisen from very basic and avoidable errors in your approach. Your decision to appoint historical supporters of you personally rather than the most qualified politicians available in the party has led to decisions that have done clear and obvious harm to the British economy.”

Earlier today, longtime Tory MP Crispin Blunt insisted that Conservatives must “get a grip” and ditch the Prime Minister.

He told Channel 4: “We… only have two years until the next General Election and we have to get a grip and show the country that we are capable of delivering sound money, sound administration, and all things the Conservative Party is expected to deliver in office.

“We’ve had a shocking few weeks, we’ve been taught a very harsh lesson by the markets, we’re being taught an even harsher lesson in terms of the opinion polls, and we have to sort ourselves out so the country gets effective government for the next two years.”

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Commenting on what could appear to be the beginning of a wave of resignation calls, ITV Reporter Hamish Auskerry said “the open warfare continues into a new week for embattled Number 10”.

Former Chancellor George Osborne, who served under then-Prime Minister David Cameron, also today said Ms Truss will “probably not” make it to Christmas in Downing Street.

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Dr Wallis earlier this year became the first transgender MP.

The MP added: “Mistakes can be undone, and as one united team I believe we could achieve almost anything. However, whilst your are our leader, I no longer believe this is possible.

“The leadership contest, the appointments you made to Government, the way in which your senior people manage their MPs, the way in which you have allowed our Welsh colleagues to be undermined though [sic] your decision to appoint an English MP as Secretary of State in the Wales Office despite having the most ever Welsh Conservative MPs, and your handling of the press have convinced me that we could never be a united team whilst you are our leader.

“Therefore, I ask you stand down as Prime Minister as I believe you no longer hold the confidence of the country or the parliamentary party. It is the right thing to do to ensure the stability, security and prosperity of the people to whom we owe everything.”

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