Alastair Campbell sparks fury after claiming ‘never been a PM who lies as much as Boris’

Boris Johnson is 'a man without morality' says Campbell

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Political commentator Alastair Campbell took aim at Boris Johnson after his party was accused of being involved in a number of lobbying and “corruption” scandals which has called the Government’s leadership into question. Mr Campbell called the Prime Minister “amoral” as he delivered a scathing rant against the Conservative party but viewers were less than impressed by the comments and shared their views online. The former Labour advisor went on to claim Mr Johnson had a “tenuous” relationship with the truth and was bored of the “soap opera” in Downing Street. 

Appearing on talkRADIO to discuss the issues facing No10, Mr Campbell was furious with the Prime Minister.

He said: “We either care about these things or we don’t but it’s fine with Priti Patel who broke the ministerial code.

“According to the guy whose job was to [monitor it] saying it’s not the judgment [I want] therefore I’m not having it.

“Standards break down and I’m afraid this is what happens when you have a Prime Minister, somebody who is frankly amoral – a guy who is without morality.”

Host Ian Collins dived deeper and asked: “Has there ever been anyone in Downing Street who’s not been a flawed character in some respects?

“I mean whatever you say here now Alastair or whatever I might say; his popularity remains.

“And you must look at those opinion polls as well and think well they’re still on some measures 14 points ahead of Labour, I mean this is significant.”

Mr Campbell replied: “Has there ever been a perfect human being in politics? No, just as there’s never been a perfect human being.

“We’ve all got flaws but I would argue that when going back in terms of my journalism as far as Heath and Thatcher and now up to Johnson.

“We certainly never had a Prime Minister who lies as much as Johnson does we’ve never had a Prime Minister quite like this.”

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Viewers were left furious by the comments made by Mr Campbell, with some quick to take aim at his political history. 

One wrote: “It’s a wonder his tongue didn’t drop out when it comes to being amoral Campbell is the past master.”

Another added: “It takes one to know one, does Mr Campbell speak from experience?”

A person also commented: “Campbell talking about morals, yeah right.”

One tweet read: “He has absolutely no self-awareness whatsoever.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has become the centre of a scandal storm as the Conservative leader faces the aftermath of leaked private conversations. 

The Prime Minister was attacked when texts with entrepreneur Sir James Dyson came to light.

Former Prime Minister David Cameron was also involved in a lobbying scandal where he approached several ministers – including Chancellor Rishi Sunak – for access to government loans for Greensill Capital who he worked for. 

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While the lobbying rules were followed, many have now called for a rethink of the guidelines as the link between private companies and government comes under the microscope. 

Mr Johnson has also had private comments leaked to the Daily Mail where he was alleged to have said he would rather see bodies “pile up” in their thousands than introduce a third national lockdown. 

Former government advisor Dominic Cummings has also accused the Prime Minister of wanting to set up a trust fund for Tory donors to pay for Downing Street refurbishments. 

Cabinet Minister Michael Gove held an urgent session in the House of Commons to address some of the issues stating he did not hear Mr Johnson make the comments.

Mr Gove also said the money for the refurbishments came from Mr Johnson’s own pocket and should not be subject to investigation. 

The Electoral Commission is currently looking into the source of funds for the Downing Street refurbishments with the bill believed to have cost £200,000 – despite a £30,000 annual allowance. 

Any donation of more than £7,500 must be recorded and looked into so the money is not given in exchange for favours. 

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