MONDAY mania: 8000 stores in US, Canada and UK take on Kiwi shampoo

Power business couple Zuru’s Nick Mowbray and his partner Jaimee Lupton have negotiated multiple global deals to sell MONDAY haircare products through more than 8000 retail outlets in the US, Canada and the UK.

Trapped in New Zealand since Covid-19, the couple struck most of the deals through Zoom meetings done from the office at their Coatesville mansion, up at all hours working across multiple time zones.

From January the haircare products will be on the shelves at 3000 Target and American beauty retailer Ulta outlets in the US. In February MONDAY will go on sale in 2000 Walmart and Shoppers Drug Mart stores in Canada. Tesco in the UK will be next in June, followed up by a deal with health and beauty chain Boots, adding another 3000 outlets.

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The deals come on the back of a dream launch during level 4 lockdown when Kiwis snapped up 22,000 bottles of the $9 product in the first week alone. Within two weeks MONDAY had 25 per cent of the market share in New Zealand, selling six months’ worth of stock in six weeks.

Since then MONDAY, with its understated baby pink bottle, has climbed its way up the sales ladder, knocking decades-old best seller Pantene shampoo off its perch in Australia within three months of the launch.

The product’s on track to hit $25 million worth of retail sales in New Zealand and Australia in its first year, with new lines due to launch next year. Lupton, 28, has plans to extend the range to include purple shampoo for blondes, hair spray, dry shampoo, treatment serums, and mini travel packs.

January’s US launch will coincide with a MONDAY charitable initiative with American charity Glam for Good which distributes beauty products to underprivileged people.

Lupton said the company had made a “sizeable” donation and had partnered with the charity’s founder to distribute free MONDAY haircare.

MONDAY haircare is one of a string of “disruptive” brands that Mowbray’s consumer brand company Zuru Edge is building up. Mowbray’s goal is to create a 21st century version of global giant Procter & Gamble, using New Zealand as a base. Products include nappies, haircare, pet food, collagen products, disinfectant and sanitisers, and health supplements.

Zuru Edge feminine hygiene brand ME launched this month with plans for more lines including baby products, batteries, laundry products and tea. In addition Lupton has another four haircare and beauty product ranges in the pipeline.

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