Meet Te Awamutu’s Andrew Macky – The ‘Once A Day Farmer’

Andrew Macky may not be famous yet, but he’s making his mark on Youtube as The Once A Day Farmer.

The self-described “average 30-year-old dairy farmer from the Waikato,” was keen to showcase New Zealand farming to the rest of the world, after watching his UK and US counterparts on YouTube.

Macky noticed there weren’t many Kiwi farmers with YouTube vlogs, so he bought himself a GoPro a couple of months ago and decided to film himself on-farm, “just doing day-to-day jobs.”

“I just really wanted to put our story out there, because I think we’re so unique and different that I think people want to see it,” he told The Country’s Jamie Mackay.

Listen below:

Macky lives with his wife and two children on Te Awamutu dairy farm. The farm is owned by his father.

Macky and his dad farm 320 Jersey cows together and the pair were big fans of the practice of milking cows once a day all season.

“We love the once-a-day milking. Dad probably adapted to it fully about five years ago and we haven’t looked back since.”

Although Macky had noticed a slight drop in production since starting once-a-day milking, he said it was worth it.

“I think you’ve got to farm for your lifestyle if it allows. I love spending time with my wife and kids and once a day certainly helps with that.”

Macky tried to upload one or two videos a week on his YouTube channel, and had about 15 videos online so far.

He now has more than 2000 followers from all over the world.

“I’ve got comments from people all around the globe, even from places like Morocco people are watching. So that’s pretty awesome I think.”

Back home, Macky was gaining traction with farmers down south as well.

“They work all day on their own farms and watch me on the TV at night.”

Macky’s goal was to get to 10,000 subscribers before the end of the year and he was keen for people to check out his YouTube channel.

Although he was enjoying his success, Macky wasn’t ready to call himself a celebrity just yet.

“I definitely wouldn’t call myself a star. I’m trying to make a little bit of headway into Youtube … it isn’t going too bad so far.”

Check out the Once A Day Farmer on YouTube here.

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