Opinion | The Republican Attacks on Voting Rights

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To the Editor:

Re “Biden Portrays a Right to Vote as Under Siege” (front page, July 14):

The answer to President Biden’s question to the Republican lawmakers “Have you no shame?” is yes, they have no shame. Democratic politicians should not make an assumption that they are working across the aisle with a political party of integrity, one that plays by the rules, respects the norms and cares about the American people. That is not the Republican Party of today.

Republican lawmakers care not at all about democracy, only about obtaining and keeping power. And they are willing to do anything to that end. They lie to their constituents, especially promoting the “Big Lie” about election fraud in 2020. They suppress voting rights. They gerrymander to such a great extent that they negate the voices of many Democratic voters.

It is time the Democrats realize whom they are dealing with, and act accordingly. They need to be aggressive. The right to vote is what our democracy is about. There is nothing more important. There needs to be an exemption from the filibuster for voting rights.

Ellen Sussman

To the Editor:

The Senate appears unlikely to agree to even a carve-out suspension of the filibuster in order to enact voting rights legislation. And Democratic lawmakers in Republican-controlled state legislatures have few tools to prevent the passage of new voter suppression laws. Legal challenges will take years to work their way through the courts.

Democrats need to counter by committing their time and money to grass-roots state-by-state efforts to register new voters, to assist voters in obtaining proper ID and to ensure that anyone wishing to vote can get to a voting site. One need only to look at the success of Stacey Abrams’s Fair Fight in Georgia as a model to expand voter participation.

Joseph R. Ades
Irvington, N.Y.

To the Editor:

President Biden’s query to the G.O.P., “Have you no shame?,” is a textbook example of a rhetorical question.

Robert E. Lehrer

Trump’s Politicization of Covid

To the Editor:

Re “Delta Variant Widens Gulf Between ‘2 Americas’” (front page, July 15):

As the Delta variant races like a Western wildfire across the “red” states of the Deep South and Southwest, it becomes increasingly obvious that one man — and one man alone — is responsible for the extent of Covid’s mass casualties. That man is Donald Trump. The ex-president no doubt fancied himself too macho to wear a mask. He feared, in all his vainglory, that he would look weak.

Before long, Mr. Trump deftly politicized the wearing of masks, rallying his troops to stand up for their rights and reject them. And now, predictably, we have the politicization of lifesaving vaccinations.

Donald Trump is singularly responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of human beings, many of them his followers. He could have embraced the use of masks and his legions would have stood four-square behind him. Instead, many of these skeptics are dead. I can’t imagine the regret that someone experiences in the waning moments of life when one realizes that his or her impending death was preventable.

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